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Welcome to Your Digital Flood Insurance Agency

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

We thought some introductions are in order., is a digital flood insurance agency designed to provide consumers with convenient and cost-effective access to flood insurance across the country. In particular, we strive to give consumers an online alternative to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), a government program that, in some cases, charges inaccurate and unfair rates that do not match the actual risk of properties. Many policyholders also lack adequate coverage and experience inconsistent claims service.

Whether you are looking for residential, commercial or excess flood insurance, will provide quick and efficient access to non-NFIP flood insurance. We have competitive rates, superior customer service, a fast and simple quoting process, and coverage options that the NFIP doesn’t offer, allowing consumers to find coverage that suits their needs and finances. Our rates are based on true risk analysis, utilizing advanced mapping technology to provide accurate data so you do not overpay. Further, unlike the NFIP, we do not subsidize rates, so consumers only pay for their property’s risks. We also do not require an elevation certificate as is required by the NFIP. This leads to lower costs and simpler, faster transactions.

Why create an alternative for the NFIP? Though NFIP serves an important purpose, we think homeowners deserve options. Even today, many consumers are still unaware of private flood insurance companies, which can serve as alternatives to the national flood insurance services. serves as an affordable solution to this issue, offering consumers better rates, greater coverage and more insurance options.

Consumers looking to test the waters and consider private flood insurance can utilize our flood insurance application. It’s quick and easy

We’re administered by INX Insurance Services, LLC, a pioneer in using technology to improve the delivery of insurance products and services to consumers. Central to our mission is reducing price for consumers through increased marketplace competition.


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