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NFIP Shut Down

Stay Protected: Get Flood Insurance with, Even During Government Shut Down.

You can still get flood insurance, even through a government shutdown.

At, your peace of mind is our priority. We want you to know that, regardless of what’s happening in the world, we’re here to help you secure the flood insurance you need. In this article, we’ll explain the potential impacts of a government shutdown on your ability to get flood insurance and how, ensures you’re covered when it matters most.

1. Delays in Property Closings:
1,300 property closings could be delayed every day. This could become a reality during a government shutdown, as estimated by the National Association of Home Builders. These delays could significantly affect real estate transactions. But here’s the good news - is your solution to navigate through these disruptions seamlessly.

2. Challenges in the Housing Market:
The housing market is already facing its share of challenges with mortgage interest rates reaching the highest level in 23 years, dampening demand. Add to this the growing impacts of climate change, which increase the risk of severe flooding. It’s clear that securing flood insurance has never been more important.

3. What Happens If the NFIP Expires:
In case the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) expires due to a government shutdown, FEMA and its partners can’t issue new policies until Congress reauthorizes it. Existing policies will stay in effect, and FEMA can pay claims until the program’s funds run out (approximately $3.8 billion as of last month). But if the shutdown drags on, FEMA’s ability to handle claims, especially after major disasters, might be strained.

4. The Lifesaver:
This is where and the NCIP come to your rescue. We offer an alternative solution, ensuring you can secure flood insurance even during a government shutdown. With us, you get continuous coverage, support for real estate transactions, and the peace of mind that your property is safeguarded against flood risks.

At, we’re dedicated to keeping you protected, no matter the circumstances. We understand that having flood insurance is essential for your peace of mind and property security. When government programs face disruptions, you can rely on us and the National Catastrophe Insurance Program. Contact us today, and let’s secure your property together. Your protection is our mission.

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