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FloodPrice Flood Insurance Reviews and Testimonials

House with Pool

Jess, Homeowner

Thanks again for your help on the phone and thanks for sending this!  I really appreciate how you genuinely want to help. You should give lessons on great customer service- you do such a great job!


John, Homeowner

I am happy to report that you have a new client!  It took me 5 minutes last night to bind the policy! Super easy and great experience using the rating tool to bind coverage.


Doris, Homeowner

Chris' responses to my e-mails were so fast I could hardly believe it when I would see his e-mail responses in my inbox...he answered questions in a clear manner. I would recommend Chris with no reservations to anyone who was looking for insurance.

Lake Houses

Darrell, Homeowner

...absolutely the easiest site that I’ve ever been to. From beginning to end it took less than 10 minutes to get a flood policy and have it printed out. I retired from the insurance business after 40 some years and I’ve never experienced anything quite as easy as this was. And to top it all off the prices are fabulous


William, Homeowner

Very easy to use your website to obtain flood insurance quotes, even obtaining multiple quotes to compare with different parameters was very easy.


Alvin, Homeowner

Amazing customer service...Brian was EXTREMELY HELPFUL in answering all of my questions...absolutely loved the service and price savings! I saved $2200!!!! Brian was a life saver!

Why Choose FloodPrice?

Fast: Go from Quote to Covered in as Little as 5 Minutes.

Reliable: We work with only the largest flood insurers in the market that are A best rated or higher! And, you will get accurate and up-to-date advice in an ever-changing market, since flood is all we do.

100% Online Process: You can get your quote and pay for your policy entirely online, without ever having to pick up your phone or send an email.


Great Customer Service: If you'd prefer that one on one interaction, or have any questions, we're happy to chat online, e-mail you, or talk on the phone. Whatever you prefer, we're here! Our Flood Experts are knowledgeable, helpful, and fast. Don't take our word for it, read the testimonials above.


Need help from a Flood Expert? Call us at 866-503-5663

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