How much is Flood Insurance in South Carolina? is pleased to work with some of the nation's largest private flood insurers to provide you with coverage you can trust. Our instant quote tool assesses rates from numerous carriers to get you the best coverage for the lowest price. 

How much is Flood Insurance in South Carolina?

The average cost per policy in South Carolina through the NFIP is $607.84. Depending on where you live, this average could vary substantially! Depending on your deductibles, the cost of your home and contents, your premiums can change. The 10 most populated cities in North Carolina are listed below with their average cost per policy through the NFIP. If you're interested in a quote for a private flood insurance policy to compare costs, we offer a 100% online quote process.

Average Costs through the NFIP*

Average Cost per Policy
North Charleston
Mount Pleasant
Rock Hill
Goose Creek
Hilton Head Island

*Prices as of April, 2021.

How do I save money on Flood Insurance in South Carolina?

Get a quote for private flood insurance and compare it to a quote through the NFIP. Getting a quote through is an entirely online process, no need to wait for a callback or an email! When comparing your quote to the NFIP, don't just compare the costs, check what's covered by the NFIP so that if you try to submit a claim, you're not caught off-guard by what is, and isn't, covered.

How do I know if I'm at risk or in a FEMA flood zone?

If you're wondering if you're in a flood zone, or close to one, enter your address on our FEMA Flood Zone map lookup.

If you're just starting on your Flood Zone research journey, we have all the information you need here about different flood zones and what they mean.

It's common for homeowners to consider flood insurance at one point or another in their home buying process, however, until a storm is looming in the forecast, many don't consider it again once their house is purchased. Obtain your coverage before it's too late, or you could be on the hook for thousands of dollars.

Does my homeowner insurance in South Carolina cover flooding?

Homeowner's insurance generally does not include flood coverage. Obtaining a flood insurance policy is typically left up to the homeowner. If you're looking to get a policy, we offer a 100% online process, you can get a quote started here!

What is not covered by the NFIP?

The NFIP flood insurance does not cover additional living expenses or loss of income. Fences, hot tubs, landscaping, and more*. Visit their website to see everything that is, or isn't, covered by the NFIP. If you'd like to be free from these limitations and have more options for coverage, consider getting flood insurance from a private company,

*information subject to change.


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