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How much is Flood Insurance in Florida? is pleased to work with some of the nation's largest private flood insurers to provide you with coverage you can trust. Our instant quote tool assesses rates from numerous carriers to get you the best coverage for the lowest price. 

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How much is Flood Insurance in Florida?

The average cost per policy in Florida through the NFIP is $726.52. However, the rates per city can vary substantially! Your premiums could also vary depending on the deductibles and limits of coverage you choose for the building and contents. Here are the largest cities in Florida showing their average flood insurance policy cost through the NFIP. 

Average Costs through the NFIP

Average Cost per Policy
St. Petersburg
Port St. Lucie
Cape Coral
Fort Lauderdale

Prices as of September, 2023.

Our Prices are Consistently Lower!

Our private flood insurance carriers are typically less expensive than those shown above! Get a quote online and find out how much we can save you.

Not interested in private flood, or not sure whether you should choose an NFIP policy or a private flood insurance policy? We offer both! Give us a call and we'll answer all of your questions.


How does the proximity to water bodies affect my flood insurance quote in Florida?

The distance to natural sources of water like lakes and rivers directly influences the cost of your flood insurance rates. Generally, the closer your property is located to these sources of water, the greater the risk of flooding, which consequently leads to higher insurance premiums. 

Do I need flood insurance in Florida?

90% of all natural disasters in the U.S. involve some type of flooding. Florida is a peninsula, which makes many areas extremely prone to flooding. In areas like Florida's coastal regions or low-lying inland areas, having flood insurance is particularly essential.  


Flood insurance in Florida is crucial for homeowners, even if it is not mandated by their mortgage lender. While certain high-risk areas are typically required to have flood insurance, most Florida residents are at risk of flooding due to the state's geographic characteristics. Regardless of location, having flood insurance offers peace of mind and financial protection.

Even if you’re not directly in a flood zone, it doesn’t mean that you are free from the risk of flooding. 

If your home is damaged by rising water, and you don't have flood insurance, you could be paying for this expense out of pocket! And flooding damage is costly! Click Get Started to see how much a flood could cost you! 

Standard Homeowners insurance does not cover flooding!

Homeowner's insurance generally excludes flood coverage. Obtaining a flood insurance policy is typically left up to the homeowner. If you're looking to get a policy, we offer an online process. You can get a quote started here!


How do I get cheap Flood Insurance in Florida?

You may be able to save on flood insurance by getting a quote from one of our many private flood insurance carriers instead of going through the NFIP. You can start a quote using our online quoting tool, so there is no need to wait for a callback or an email! 


Once you've received your quote, compare it to what you'd pay through the NFIP. But don't just compare the costs, check what's covered by the NFIP so that if you try to submit a claim, you're not caught off-guard by what is and isn't covered. 


The cost of a claim can be expensive and not having a flood policy can be financially devastating if you don’t have flood insurance.  The average NFIP claim for flood damage in Florida over the past 10 years is $28,100. 

How does flood risk elevation affect my Flood Insurance quote in Florida?

The flood risk and elevation in your specific area of Florida can have a significant impact on your insurance quote. Insurance premiums are generally higher for properties located in high-risk flood zones, as the likelihood of flooding is increased. Conversely, if your property has a higher elevation, it can potentially lead to lower premiums. This is because higher elevation reduces the risk of flooding and insurers may view it as a mitigating factor. Therefore, it's important to consider both the flood risk and elevation of your property when assessing how that may affect your insurance quote.

How to Get Flood Insurance Without a Flood Elevation Certificate.

Quality flood insurance is available without the added expense and trouble of getting an elevation certificate. FloodPrice can compare the rates for both private flood insurance and the NFIP to make sure you are getting the right coverage for the best price. Check out our quote page now to find out what coverage we can offer. 

Can I get Flood Insurance in Florida if my property has a history of flood damage? 

Yes, it is still possible for you to obtain a flood insurance quote in Florida even if your property has a history of flood damage. However, it's important to note that the previous occurrence of flood damage may have an impact on your premium, as well as the coverage options that are available to you. When obtaining a flood insurance quote, it's advisable to provide accurate information about the previous flood history of your property in order to ensure that the quote and coverage are appropriate for your specific circumstances. If your property has a history of flood damage, give us a call at 866-503-5663 and we’ll review your options with you. 


Risk Rating 2.0 Pricing in Florida.

FEMA's flood program through the NFIP is now using a new pricing methodology, Risk Rating 2.0. This will result in a price change for 96% of policyholders and will impact nearly all 1,727,900 NFIP policies in force in Florida. 


New NFIP Policyholders will see the effect of these changes on any new policy. 


If you already have a policy through the NFIP, be sure to compare the new pricing from Risk Rating 2.0 to a Private Flood Insurance quote. You could possibly save hundreds of dollars. The time to start comparing prices on your flood insurance is before your policy is set to renew. 


The NFIP does not allow mid-term cancellations. This means that once your policy is renewed, you have no option to cancel it unless you meet very restrictive guidelines, such as the sale of your home. The process can be difficult and frustrating. You should start comparing prices 60 days prior to the expiration of your existing policy. Here is a link to the guidelines to cancel an NFIP policy mid-term:  FEMA Cancellation Form.

What is not covered by the NFIP?

It is important to review your policy to confirm. Typically, an NFIP policy does not cover debris removal, additional living expenses, and belongings located in your basement. Also, if you want to cover additional structures on your property, you may be required to purchase a secondary policy to cover appurtenant structures, such as a detached garage or shed. Visit their website to see everything that is, or isn't, covered by the NFIP. 


If you'd like to be free from these limitations and have more options for coverage, consider getting flood insurance from FloodPrice

What are the payment options for Flood Insurance in Florida? 

Typically, flood insurance policies in the state are for a 12-month period. One common payment option is to pay the full annual premium upfront. This means that homeowners would need to make a single payment for the entire year's coverage.  


However, if you have a mortgage on your property and are required to have flood insurance, there are additional payment options available. In 2016, new rules were implemented that require lenders to escrow flood insurance policies for homeowners with mortgages. This means that instead of homeowners directly paying for their flood insurance, the lender is invoiced for the policy. Homeowners then include their premium payments as part of their regular mortgage payments. 


This helps spread out the cost of your policy, and typically has no extra fee from the lender.  It also helps streamline the payment process and ensure that flood insurance coverage remains active throughout the year. 

How do I get a Flood Insurance quote in Florida? 

You can either Get a Quote using our online portal or give us a call at 866-503-5663. We can compare prices and coverages for both private flood insurance options and the NFIP.


Need help from a Flood Expert? Call us at 866-503-5663

*68% of NFIP policy holders in Florida (1,178,074 policies) will see an average increase of $0-$120 per year. 8% of policyholders (134,572 policies) will see an increase of $120-$240 per year. 4% of policyholders (73,113 policies) will see an increase of greater than $240 per year. Source:

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