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How much does Flood Insurance Cost in Florida?

At, we're excited to offer you access to the nation's largest private flood insurers, providing coverage you can trust. Our instant online quote tool compares rates from numerous carriers searching for the best coverage at the lowest price. We can compare your quote to an NFIP price and help you choose the better option.

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How much is Flood Insurance in Florida?

The average cost per policy in Florida through the NFIP is $766.06, but rates can vary substantially depending on the city and your chosen deductibles and coverage limits for both building and contents. Here are the average costs of flood insurance policies through the NFIP in some of Florida's largest cities:

Average Costs through the NFIP

Average Cost per Policy
St. Petersburg
Port St. Lucie
Cape Coral
Fort Lauderdale

Prices as of 01/31/24.

Private Flood Insurance Prices are Often Lower

Our private flood insurance averages are often much lower than those shown above! Get a quote online and find out how much we can save you. 

Not interested in private flood, or not sure whether you should choose an NFIP policy or a private flood insurance policy? We offer both! Give us a call and we'll answer all of your questions.


Risk Rating 2.0 Pricing in Florida.

FEMA’s new Risk Rating 2.0 methodology impacts nearly all NFIP policies in Florida, with 96% of policyholders seeing price changes. The NFIP does not allow policyholders to cancel during the term of the policy, so the time to compare is 60 days prior to the renewal of your policy. Give us a call and we can help you compare the new NFIP pricing to a private flood insurance quote, which could save you hundreds of dollars.


What is not covered by the NFIP?

NFIP policies typically don't offer Additional Living Expense (ALE). A private flood policy through offers this additional coverage option, as well as coverage for belongings in basements, unlike the NFIP. For more comprehensive coverage, consider private flood insurance through

Not Sure Whether to Choose an NFIP or Private Flood Insurance policy?

FloodPrice offers both. Our flood experts are standing by to help you compare costs and coverage options. 
Give us a call, and we’ll help you find the best option for your needs

Factors Affecting Flood Insurance Costs in Florida

Insurance companies consider multiple risk factors when determining pricing. For example, the closer your property is to natural sources of water like oceans and rivers, the higher your flood insurance premiums will be due to increased risk. In addition, the elevation of your home compared to the elevation where water could go in a flood can affect your pricing. 

Do You Need Flood Insurance in Florida?

Yes! Florida’s geography makes it highly susceptible to flooding. Even if your mortgage lender doesn’t require it, having flood insurance is crucial for protecting your home and finances. Floods can occur anywhere, and without insurance, you could face significant out-of-pocket expenses for flood damage.

Why Is My Mortgage Lender Making Flood Insurance Mandatory?

Federal regulations require flood insurance for properties in high-risk flood areas (Special Flood Hazard Areas, or SFHAs) if you have a federally backed mortgage (most are). This mandate comes from the Flood Disaster Protection Act of 1973 and the National Flood Insurance Reform Act of 1994.

Requirements for Coverage
The required coverage amount is the lesser of:

 1. The maximum available NFIP coverage for the property type.
2. The outstanding principal balance of the mortgage.
3. The insurable value of the structure.



Standard Homeowners Insurance Does Not Cover Flooding

Homeowners insurance generally does not include flood coverage. It’s up to homeowners to obtain a separate flood insurance policy. You can get started with our easy online quote tool.

How to Buy Affordable Flood Insurance in Florida

You can save on flood insurance by getting a quote from one of our many private flood insurance carriers. We can help you compare the costs and coverage options with what the NFIP offers to ensure you get the best deal. We’ll make sure you get the coverage you need. 

Do I Need a Flood Elevation Certificate to Get Flood Insurance?

Elevation certificates are not required to purchase a flood insurance policy. We offer quality flood insurance without the added expense of an elevation certificate. Use our online quoting tool to find the best coverage for you.

Can I Get Flood Insurance if My Property Has Previously Sustained Flood Damage

Yes, you can still get flood insurance even if your property has a history of flood damage. However, previous flood damage may affect your premium and coverage options. It is important to provide accurate information on your flood application to ensure a future claim will be paid. Call us at 866-503-5663 to review your options.


Other Ways to Prepare for a Flood or Hurricane

Mitigation efforts like elevating your building, installing flood openings, and raising machinery and equipment above the first floor can reduce damage if a flood occurs. FEMA rewards these actions with reduced premiums for NFIP policyholders. Some of these mitigation efforts can save you thousands of dollars per year. 

How do I get a Flood Insurance quote in Florida? 

Get a Quote using our online portal or give us a call at 866-503-5663. We can compare prices and coverages for both private flood insurance options and the NFIP.


Need help from a Flood Expert? Call us at 866-503-5663

*68% of NFIP policy holders in Florida (1,178,074 policies) will see an average increase of $0-$120 per year. 8% of policyholders (134,572 policies) will see an increase of $120-$240 per year. 4% of policyholders (73,113 policies) will see an increase of greater than $240 per year. Source:

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