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How Much is Flood Insurance

Updated: Apr 2

How Much Is Flood Insurance?

The landscape of flood insurance is complex, with costs significantly influenced by various factors. The average annual premium for a flood insurance policy through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) in the U.S. is approximately $747. This figure, however, does not fully encapsulate the variations seen across different states and even neighborhoods. For instance, Vermont has the highest average at $1,388.50, while Maryland enjoys a lower average of $502.18. Such disparities highlight the importance of understanding the specific factors that determine the cost of flood insurance for your property.


NFIP versus Private Flood Insurance

There are primarily two options when looking for a flood insurance policy; the NFIP and Private Flood Insurance carriers. Private insurance policies may offer additional coverages not available through the NFIP, such as basement contents. Also, private flood policies are often less expensive than the NFIP, and can include other coverage benefits. 


Top 5 Key Factors Affecting Flood Insurance Premiums


1.       Flood Zone Designation

The designation of your property within FEMA's flood zone maps is a critical factor in determining the necessity and cost of flood insurance. Properties located within high-risk Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHAs), particularly zones A and V, are at a greater risk of flooding. This designation will typically mandate the purchase of flood insurance for properties with federally backed mortgages, underscoring the value of insurance in safeguarding your home.


2.       Home Elevation

The elevation of your home's lowest floor, relative to the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) set by FEMA, significantly impacts insurance premiums. The BFE is the elevation that water is anticipated to rise to in a flood, as determined by FEMA and your local city or county flood plain manager. Homes where the lowest floor is at an elevation that is below the BFE are typically subject to higher rates due to increased risk. 


3.       Property and Contents Value

The coverage amount you opt for, and the cost to rebuild your home post-flood, can impact your insurance premium. With the NFIP capping building coverage at $250,000 and private insurers stretching up to $4,000,000, there's a lot to consider. It is important to note that building coverage doesn't extend to personal items inside your home. Opting out of contents coverage might seem like a cost-saver, but it could lead to significant out-of-pocket expenses in the wake of a flood. 


4.       Age and Construction of Home

The construction era and materials of your home can affect your flood insurance policy cost. Older homes might be more prone to damage, necessitating costlier repairs. Additionally, insuring a secondary home often comes at a higher premium due to the increased risks associated with properties that are frequently unoccupied. Potential damage may not be detected as quickly, resulting in a higher cost to repair.


5.       Number of Stories in Your Home

A home’s structure, including the number of stories, can affect flood insurance rates. Multi-story homes have less square footage at ground level and may benefit from lower premiums due to reduced risk of extensive flood damage.


Reducing Your Flood Insurance Costs

Navigating the high expense of flood insurance can be overwhelming, but we're here to assist you in lowering your costs. Start by contacting a flood insurance expert at FloodPrice by calling 866-503-5663. One of our client success managers can identify potential savings to ensure you are receiving the most competitive rate for your needs. They offer custom advice in guiding you through the intricacies of flood insurance.

For properties previously affected by floods, consider more substantial actions like raising the level of your house or installing flood vents. While these options may be expensive, they can lead to significant savings on your annual flood insurance premiums and protect your home and belongings from flood devastation.


Let Us Help

At FloodPrice, we specialize in navigating the flood insurance market to exceed our clients' specific needs at competitive prices. Our experts are committed to simplifying the process of selecting the right flood insurance policy.

For a comprehensive flood insurance quote tailored to your requirements, please contact us at 866-503-5663 or visit Let our flood experts guide you in finding the right flood insurance coverage for your property.


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