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Why work with a non-NFIP flood insurance company

Updated: Sep 29

Flood insurance is critical for consumers – particularly during hurricane season. Experts forecast an active season this year, increasing flood risks for homes and businesses across the country. For many consumers, buying flood insurance means going through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). However, a non-NFIP flood insurance company in the private flood insurance market may better fit the needs and circumstances of many homeowners.

Today, there is still a surprising number of people that are not aware that quality, reliable private flood insurance even exists. The NFIP has taken advantage of this lack of awareness and subsequent lack of competition, creating unfair rates and gaps in insurance coverage that don’t match the actual risk of properties, leaving homeowners paying too much for too little coverage. By working with a non-NFIP flood insurance company in the private insurance market, consumers can secure affordable, comprehensive coverage to protect their homes from the peril of flood.

Private flood insurance policies offer a number of benefits, such as competitive rates, greater coverage options and superior customer service. Most private flood insurers also offer higher coverage limits, and some do not require elevation certificates, cutting costs for consumers and saving them time.

Working with a private flood insurance company provides consumers with a quick, efficient, cost-effective alternative that will keep their properties safe as flood risks threaten. That said, shop around. A private non-NFIP flood insurance company will likely beat the NFIP’s rate with more comprehensive coverage and peace of mind for the flood insurance buyer.


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