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Welcome to FloodPrice! If you're either near, or in, a flood zone, chances are you need Flood Insurance! We're here to help.

But I already have Flood Insurance!

That's great that you're protected, but there is a good chance we can save you a significant amount of money, and with better coverage! Get a quote below and find out, or call us at 866-407-8253.

I don't live in a flood zone, why would I need flood insurance?

Mother nature can be unpredictable. If you're just outside a designated flood zone, it doesn't mean there is no risk of flooding. And changes are, your homeowner's insurance does not include flood protection! The lower risk you have, the lower it will cost to get protected, but having no flood insurance could cost you everything! Get a quote and find out just how affordable we are.

How is better than NFIP?

We can help you protect items not covered by the National Flood Insurance Program. Did you know that anything in your basement, or any detached structures on your property, aren't covered by the National Flood Insurance Program? We provide better coverage, and might just save you money in the process!

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